Grange Dyvours Rules

Grass Courts:

The grass courts (courts numbered 1-4) are open from mid April until early September weather dependent. In general, the courts open at 11am with the exception of courts 1 and 2, which do not open until 5pm on weekdays. The grass courts close at 9.15pm. This is extended until 9.30pm in June and July.

Occasionally the courts have to be closed due to the weather. Courts are not to be played on during rain and when the grass is damp. Do the knee test is you are unsure. The knee test is when you kneel on the grass and if your knee becomes wet the court is unplayable.

If the "Courts closed" sign is showing the courts can only be opened by the Groundsman, a member of the Ground’s Committee or a member of the Tennis Committee.

Correct grass court tennis footwear MUST be worn ie no ridges on the sole

All Weather Courts:

Adult members should book these courts online before play to avoid disappointment. Guests should be named too. (Also applies to Grass Courts 3 & 4).

The all weather courts (courts numbered 5-8) are available for play all year round and all day until 10 pm.

Players should walk on the path to these courts and use the scraper and shoe brushes provided as mud and general "dirt" damage the artificial surface.


Floodlights are free and are available for play on courts 5 - 8 until 10 pm. The switches are numbered and are located on the tennis side end gable of the Groundsman’s shed.

Dress code:

Although the wearing of traditional "Whites" is no longer necessary, you must wear recognised appropriate Tennis wear and Tennis footwear ie no ridges on the sole.


On designated Social/Club times if there are members waiting to play, singles players should finish a set and invite the waiting players to join in for doubles.
Doubles players should complete a short set before mixing in.
Championship and competition matches may be completed.

Tennis Balls:

Tennis balls are provided by the Club for Club/Social play, Tournament Finals and Inter Club matches. Please return all balls to the Tea Hut after play.

Ball Machine:

It is essential you use the book on line court booking system if you wish to use the Ball Machine (located in the hut on Court 6).

You should use the initials BM beside your name to verify the Ball Machine booking.

Please read through the Ball Machine manual before play.

The Ball Machine must not be used in damp or wet weather.

It is YOUR responsibility to lock away the Ball Machine and balls after use.


Juniors have the same rights as Senior members Monday - Friday until 5.30pm and will give way to Senior members at all other times.

Juniors can play on the grass courts when playing with a Senior member.

Junior members can use the Ball Machine if supervised by an Adult Club Member.

Junior members cannot sign in adult guests.

Shoe Tags:

Shoe tags must be worn or carried by all members when playing.
If no proof of membership is given when asked you will be asked to leave the grounds.

Visitors and Guests:

The Club welcomes guests and hopes that once they have had the opportunity of using the facilities that they might decide to join.

The fee for visitors/guests is £5. PLEASE PAY BEFORE PLAY

Guest fees are paid at the bar, where you will be asked to sign in the Guest book.

When the bar is not open the guest envelopes and a letter box for posting the fee can be found in the Squash corridor.

Each member may invite 12 guests per year. The same guest can play ONCE in any month. There is no restriction on the number of guests you can invite on any one occasion provided your total in one year does not exceed 12.

Guests are asked to wear the appropriate tennis footwear (i.e. trainers or tennis shoes for the All Weather courts and grass tennis shoes (no ridges on the soles) for the Grass Courts.

Random court checks and cross checks between the on line booking system and fees paid will be carried out by the Tennis Committee and members asked for payment of fees where these do not appear to have been made.

As a member you have a right to ask players not wearing shoe tags whether they are a member and if not, whether they have been signed in and the guest fee paid although, all guests should be playing with a Club Tennis Member.

Any members not adhering to these Rules will be required to explain their non-compliance to the Tennis Committee.